Anthropology in Action

This section proudly represents our faculty and students in video, podcasts and/or other projects.


Anthropology Faculty Introductions



Video portraits of the full-time Anthropology faculty at San Francisco State University:

0:00 Dr. Cynthia Wilczak, Bioarchaeology
2:57 Dr. Doug Bailey, Archaeology and Visual Anthropology
4:55 Dr. Meredith Reifschneider, Archaeology
7:14 Dr. Jeff Schonberg, Visual and Medical Anthropology
9:37 Dr. Martha Lincoln, Cultural and Medical Anthropology
12:17 Dr. Peter Biella, Visual and Cultural Anthropology
14:54 Dr. Mark Griffin, Bioarchaeology
17:10 Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer, Cultural Anthropology
19:14 Contact information



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Anthropology Undergrad Students



Students are working on artifacts from the excavations at the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco 

Students sorted and catalogued assemblages before shipping them to artists and archaeologists around the world as part of the Ineligible exhibition at Portugal's International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture.



Podcast 1: Adrienne Pine

Professor James Quesada talks with Professor Pine (American University) about the current humanitarian crisis of Central American unaccompanied minors entering the United States and the role of anthropology in addressing contemporary social issues.

Listen to Podcast 1: Thirteen minutes with Adrienne Pine

Podcast Episode with Cynthia Wilczak

Professor Wilczak spoke about occupational stressors on the AnthroBiology Podcast.

Listen to Professor Wilczak's Podcast


Additional Videos

Doug Bailey's Talk on "Beyond the Archeology of Art and Interpretation of the Past"

Presented from the University of Lisbon in Portugal by Professor Bailey.  In a discussion with students and faculty in the Archaeological Centre, Doug explored how archaeologists can move beyond the interpretation of art and meaning in the study of the past.

To see a recording of Doug's talk, check out the University of Lisbon's Archaeology Center YouTube channel.

Kayla Mulholland (B.A. 2015): Documentary Film

Kyla made this short film while interning on Anthropology Professor James Quesada's research project titled, Structural Vulnerability of Migrant Day Laborers in the Bay Area.

View the Structural Vulnerability of Migrant Day Laborers Project