Department of Anthropology

The study of human diversity lies at the core of the Department of Anthropology. Through their undergraduate and graduate careers, our students acquire a detailed knowledge about human populations past and present as well as the essential skills that enable all of us to engage with the world’s modern multicultural community in an ethical and just way. Not only do Anthropologists document, investigate, and seek to understand cultures of other times and places, they also play pivotal roles in contemporary social and political debate and advocacy. Whether it is working on diabetes susceptibility among San Francisco’s immigrant populations, on AIDS among the Masai in Tanzania, on the creation of social memory in post-civil war Lebanon, on military Comfort Women in Asia, or on an excavation of 8000-year old villages in Romania, our students, faculty, lecturers and staff collaborate in research and teaching that broadens and refines knowledge of the human condition.

As one of San Francisco State’s orignal departments, Anthropology has established a rich and deep tradition of preparing students not only for doctoral work and careers in the nation’s major centers of Anthropological study, but also for leading positions at every level of society.

Temporary Science Building Closure

Due to the temporary Science building closure, the Anthropology Department office has been relocated to HUM 414 for the duration of the Spring 2014 semester. 

Please review the "People" link in the left-hand sidebar to review office hours for Spring 2014.

To meet with professors, please email them directly using their contact information available under the "People" section of this website.

For updates on the Science building closure, be sure to check the University information page at http://buildingclosure.sfsu.edu/.

Thank you for your patience!


Advising and Office hours


Dr. Douglass Bailey

Dr. Mark Griffin

Dr. James Quesada

Dr. Cynthia Wilczak

Office hours are now posted here.


Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Cynthia Wilczak, cwilczak@sfsu.edu

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Mark Griffin, mgriffin@sfsu.edu



Brown Bag Lecture Series: "The Uses of Critically Applied Medical Anthropology"

Join us for our second Brown Bag lecture of the semester:


Field School opportunity with Dr. Robert Homsher

Anthropology Department's own Dr. Robert Homsher invites Anthropology students to consider a field school opportunity in Northern Israel this Summer 2014. 

Space is limited!

Inquiries? Contact Dr. Homsher at rhomsher@sfsu.edu.