Professor Doug Bailey will be speaking at SUNY Binghamton


On Thursday, February 28th, 2019, Doug’s lecture will examine ways to move beyond practicing an archaeology of art that normally sees artifacts as art objects for us to examine and interpret? In this lecture, he suggests that one way forward is to explore the potentials of an art/archaeology. The proposal is that we should move beyond traditional efforts to explain or interpret the past, and that we do this in a creative way that has impact on contemporary societies. To make such a move is to break with long-standing traditions of archaeological practice and thinking. An art/archaeology follows three steps: disarticulation (i.e., to break an object from its historical context); repurposing (i.e., to use that object as a raw material to make new creative work); and disruption (i.e., to fashion that new creative work in such a way that it has impact in contemporary social and political debate).