Janelle Scarritt receives a Marcus Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Anthropology major Janelle Scarritt has received a Marcus Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the College of Liberal and Creative Arts for her proposed study titled “Battles, Bridges, and Books: The Pursuit of Higher Education After Military Service.” 

Working with the SFSU veteran center, Janelle will collect interviews and observational data to build an ethnographic understanding of how returning military personnel transition into life as university students. Janelle will join LCA’s first Marcus Fellow cohort in Fall 2019, continuing an ethnographic paper she began in her ANTH 300 course. Prof. Martha Lincoln will advise her study.

This project will bring nuance to the literature on the experiences of military personnel in higher education and civilian institutions. As Janelle wrote in her proposal, “Through my research, several veterans praised the military for building their analytical skills and giving them the confidence to speak up in class, among numerous other qualities.  They regularly listed the positives.The goal of this project is to explore those positives, while recognizing the negatives as well, to provide a whole truth that speaks to their collegiateexperience and redirects the ‘struggling veteran’ narrative.