Creative (un)makings: Disruptions in Art/Archaeology Exhibition


On March 6th, Professor Doug Bailey will open a major international exhibition ("Creative (un)makings: Disruptions in Art/Archaeology") that explores the interfaces between art and archaeology. The exhibition includes Doug's photograph remediations of archive images, Portuguese sculptor and co-curator Sara Navarro's ceramic study of fragmentation and human figurines, and the co-curated project Ineligible. For the latter, Doug and Sara sent artifacts from the excavations that preceded the building of the SF Transbay Transit Center to artists and archaeologists from the US and Europe. The request was for recipients to use the historic artifacts as raw materials in making new art that challenges modern social and political dilemmas and debates. The exhibition at the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture (Santo Tirso, Portugal) runs until June 14th.

Link to Exhibition: