Art/Archaeology: a space beyond explanation - the ineligible project

hand holding key

Professor Doug Bailey will speak at UC Berkeley on September 18, at 12 noon in Room 101 of the Archaeology Research Facility at 2251 College Avenue, Berkeley

In a series of recent publications, Professor Bailey has urged archaeologists to seek a new space in which to work, a space that exists beyond the boundaries of archaeology and of art practice and art history. In that call, Doug has defined an art/archaeology that follows three steps: the disarticulation of an artifact from its (pre)historic context and value; the repurposing of that artifact as a raw material to be used in the creation of new work; and the engagement of that new work in contemporary social and political issues and debate. In this seminar, Doug will present the results of his current art/archaeology project, Ineligible, in which he took artifacts from the excavations that preceded the construction of the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco, sent them to artists, archaeologists, and creators around the world, and then asked them to repurpose the artifacts as raw materials with which they should make work of political and social impact. The works that are now emerging for Ineligible will be installed at the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture in Portugal from March to June 2020 in the exhibition Creative (un)makings: disruptions in art/archaeology curated by Professor Bailey and Portuguese sculptor Sara Navarro.