What Students Say

“The common feature within this department is that there is an open line of communication with every professor, they are accessible, helpful, resourceful, and provide information that is diverse and interesting.” - Sonia Kominek-Adachi, Anthropology major

Introduction to Biological Anthropology (ANTH 100), Mark Griffin

“Really good teacher; everyone in the class is constantly engaged because his lectures are always so interesting. He somehow manages to make everyone in the big lecture hall feel involved/engaged.”

“The instructor made the course fun with the fossils that he brings to class everyday and his love for the subject. He was very expressive with his teaching and showed that he was very interested in the subject.”

Foundations of Anthropology: History (ANTH 300), Martha Lincoln

“I really appreciated this class. I enjoyed the readings that were assigned, although lengthy they were fascinating and paved the way for interesting discussion in class.”

“I love our collective class discussions because they give everybody in the class a voice and everyone is encouraged to express their ideas and points of view.”

Foundations of Human Variation (ANTH 302), Cynthia Wilczak

“Professor Wilczak was able to clearly convey complex scientific ideas to a mostly humanities students class which is an accomplishment on its own, and she was also able to engage us in thinking critically about the subject and its ethical implications. It was a great balance between information and analysis.”

Foundations of Human Variation (ANTH 302), Mark Griffin

“I loved the writing assignments about these topics as a method of interacting with the material.”

“This is my second class with Professor Griffin and I am so glad I took this class with him.”

Human Osteology Practicum (ANTH 530), Mark Griffin

“Holy bajingo this was a great class, taught in an effective way that made me grasp for knowledge rather than bestowing it upon me.”

Fossil Humans Practicum (ANTH 531), Mark Griffin

“Mark is incredible! He understands not only how to encourage and foster an interest in the subject but recognizes the differences in learning needs, and gladly caters to them.”

Paleopathology (ANTH 535), Cynthia Wilczak

“Great course and AMAZING teacher. I felt challenged all semester which helps keep me engaged and active in the learning process. The teacher has absolute command of the subject and is very knowledgeable. She was effective in teaching the course material providing timely feedback and helping facilitate the learning process. I really enjoyed this class and really enjoyed Professor Wilczak. She is tough but I enjoy that when it comes to learning. Thank you for the great semester!”

Medical Anthropology (ANTH 630), Martha Lincoln

“I will definitely apply the analytical tools I learned here in my future studies of anthropology and this class in particular made me want to pursue medical anthropology as a possible career.”

“I found Professor Lincoln absolutely incredible. Her way of teaching is really encouraging and she organized the class in a way that stimulated our own ideas about the concepts about medicine and illness in every context. She challenged us in a way that was inspiring.”