Student Writing Handbook

Version 3.4, prepared 8/4/2020 by C. Wilczak

The Department of Anthropology faculty developed this handbook to help you improve your writing, identify, writing resources, and to provide you with a consistent set of expectations for written assignments in your anthropology classes.

San Francisco State University's general education requirements for written English proficiency (composition and GWAR) are the starting points for honing your writing skills, and your online OASIS training (which you must take in your first semester) provides the foundations for academic research. 

Yet even after meeting these requirements, most of you will need to continue actively working on your writing to achieve or maintain proficiency.

By practicing the writing techniques and using the recommended sources described in this handbook, you will improve the written communication skills that are essential to excelling academically.

View the Department of Anthropology Student Writing Handbook (PDF)