Student Resources

The Department of Anthropology is equipped with facilities, equipment and personnel which students will find useful during their careers as Anthropology students.

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Support ranges from advising to awards, computing laboratories, a student lounge, student societies and equipment.

Combined College Resources

The Department of Anthropology is part of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts, and the College had a wide range of resources that can be of help to Anthropology students. College resources include advising, computing, facilities, publications and the student resource center.

San Francisco State University Resources

At the larger level of the University, all students have an extensive network of support and advice and this ranges from counseling to study abroad programs to health services and academic assistance. The key web pages that most students need are as follows:

California Resources

Across California there are many learned associations and local and state government agencies of interest or use to SF State Anthropology students. In addition, San Francisco and the Bay Area are home to a phenomenal concentration of educational institutions and cultural centers. Follow the underlined link for a list of resources and links.

Ur-List in Visual Anthropology: Peter Biella maintains the most complete compilation of websites dedicated to the field.

National and International Resources

At the national level, Anthropology students should become aware of the existence, benefits, and resources available from the the major professional associations that represent Anthropology as a discipline. On a larger scale, there are international associations to which students are directed for information and support. Follow the underlined link for a list of resources and links.