SF State Scholars

SF State Scholars (Combined BA/MA) 


The Department of Anthropology is part of the SF State Scholars Program, which provides an accelerated pathway to a Master’s Degree. Students accepted into the program begin taking MA classes (up to 15 units) during their junior and/or senior year of the undergraduate program. It is important to understand that course units can only count toward one of the degrees so it requires taking additional units while still enrolled in the Undergraduate program.  


To qualify:   

  • Students must be a current Anthropology major at SF State and have completed at least 45-units but less the 90 units in their BA program. Double majors are not eligible.  
  • Transfer Students must complete at least one semester (minimum of 9 units)in residence at SF State before they apply to the Scholars program.
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 minimum and at least a 3.0 (B) in the following course:  Anth 305GW and Anth 300.  


Once enrolled in the Scholars Program, you would automatically transition to an MA student upon completing your degree. A separate application to the MA program is not needed provided that:  


  • You take a minimum of 9 units each semester while in the Scholars Program and maintain a 3.0 overall GPA.  


For those considering this combined degree program, please consult the program requirements and review the Anthropology Scholars Roadmap before filling out your application.


To Apply: 

  • Identify a full-time faculty member to serve as your sponsor.  You should select someone with whom you would wish to work with on a Masters Thesis or Creative Works project. 


  • Write a statement of purpose (500-750 words) that speaks to your research interests in an MA program, relevant work in the field or community engagement (if any), and your career goals.  


  • Provide unofficial transcripts for all Colleges /Universities attended  


The SF State Scholars Program is an accelerated degree program and not all students who apply will be accepted even if they meet the minimum requirements.  If you are not accepted into the Scholars Program, you are still eligible to apply to the MA program through the normal process.