All Department of Anthropology forms can be picked up in the office, Fine Arts Building, Room 525.

Course Substitution Form

To be used by:

  • Students with transfer units
  • Study Abroad students
  • Double majors

​Students with Transfer Units:

Not all courses from other universities are automatically treated as equivalent to our department's courses. For such "non-articulated" courses, you must speak with an advisor to have the courses accepted as part of your Anthropology coursework. Bring this form and a syllabus or course description to your advisor within your first two months as an SF State Anthropology major. Continuing students who take a course at another University should get approval prior to taking the course.

We do not accept upper division (300-level and above) credits toward the major for fully on-line courses taken at another University. (This requirement is waived for COVID-19 on-line courses). On-line, lower division units may be accepted as a substitution for the introductory (100-level) courses.

Returning Study Abroad students:

Courses approved for the major on the Bilateral Academic Advising Form you completed before you left the country should automatically appear as credits toward the degree on your degree progress report. If any do not appear under the major, you must speak with an Anthropology advisor.  Bring the Course Substitution form and syllabi or course descriptions to your advisor within your first two months after your return to campus.

Double Majors:

We may allow a substitution of our 305GW core requirement with the GWAR offered by the department in your other major. Many other, but not all, departments will allow the same GWAR reciprocity for double majors, and if so, you can decide which GWAR works best for you to count toward both majors. Your advisor may request a copy of the syllabus from another GWAR course before approving the substitution. 

University-wide Elective Approval Form

To be used by:

  • ONLY for students declaring the major before Fall 2018

University-wide electives (6 units) can be taken within the department. If the course has an ANTH prefix you do not require approval. This form is only needed when credits toward the University-wide electives are taken outside the Department. You must complete the form and get your advisors signature prior to taking the course in another Department.

A course descriptions and/or syllabus may be requested at the discretion of your advisor.

Additional Information