Computer Facilities

SF State email accounts are available for all Anthropology students as are accounts on the university computers for research purposes. The Department of Anthropology has a visual anthropology lab Fine Arts building, room 532 available for students taking Visual Anthropology courses. In addition, the University maintains numerous computer laboratories that student’s have access to.

The Study Lounge

The department office (Fine Arts building, room 525) also has several couches and eating areas for students to meet up and study. Here students can find books and journals and materials related to course work. In addition, the lounge serves as a facility for faculty and student meetings, and for special events. It can be reserved for special meetings and programs, and students wishing to do so should contact the Anthropology Office (anthro@sfsu.edu).

Laboratory Facilities

The Department of Anthropology maintains two laboratories for human biological studies and for methodological training in archaeology. The laboratory is located in Fine Arts building, rooms 544 and 538 and contains human and non-human osteology materials, hominid fossil cast collections, as well as equipment for a wide range of anthropological investigations. The department laboratory facilities also include the Bioanthropology Laboratory (a dedicated research laboratory for human skeletal research).

Visual Anthropology Lab

Anthropology has a state-of-the-art digital video editing la in the Fine Arts building, room 532. Two Mac-based workstations with high-resolution monitors allow Visual Anthropology students to receive professional training while they help one another develop a critical eye.