Who needs advising?

All Anthropology majors are required to see an advisor at least once a semester to ensure that they are meeting the requirements for completing their degree.

How do I see an advisor?

Advisors are available during their office hours during term time. Some may require you to book an appointment on an online calendar. You may see any Advisor.


  • Dr. Douglass Bailey
  • Dr. Mark Griffin
  • Dr. James Quesada
  • Dr. Cynthia Wilczak

Office hours are now posted here.

Which program do I follow?

Please note that the Anthropology Department started a new undergraduate curriculum in the Fall of 2007. Students who had already declared their Anthropology major or minor before Fall 2007 should use the Old Program Information handout as a guidance in planning their degree.

What if I just want general advising?

For General Education advising, students should visit the University's Advising Center located in ADM 212.

Interested in changing your major or minor to Anthropology?

Please stop by the Undergraduate Coordinator's office and fill out a Major Change form.

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